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The Courage Fund Schemes


The Fund had disbursed the following financial relief to SARS victims, who were hospitalized or quarantined during the SARS outbreak in year 2003:

(a) Lump Sum Relief for SARS victims who had contracted SARS or died of SARS;

(b) Hospitalisation Bill Relief for SARS victims who had contracted SARS or died of SARS, to cover the hospitalisation bill for those whose bills were not covered by their employers or insurance companies;

(c) Hospitalisation Relief for unemployed and self-employed persons who were hospitalised for SARS-related reasons as Observation or Suspect cases;

(d) Hospital Quarantine Relief for self-employed persons who were quarantined in hospital for extended stay beyond being certified as "fit for discharge".

795 patients and their families benefited under the above financial relief schemes during the SARS outbreak in 2003.


The Education Grants cater to the educational needs of the children of patients who had lost their lives to SARS, where the patient was one of the income contributors to the family.

The Education Grant supports the educational needs of the child, pegged to local costs, as far as the child can go, up to basic degree level.  

The grants for each child at each educational level are as follows :

(a)    Nursery (N1/N2) - $2,500 per year

(b)    Kindergarten (K1 & K2 only) - $2,500 per year

(c)     Primary (P1 to P6)  - $2,500 per year

(d)    Secondary (S1 to S5)  - $3,500 per year

(e)    Pre-University /  Junior College (PU1 to PU3 or ITE1 to ITE3) - $4,200 per year

(f)    Polytechnic (PT1 to PT3)  - $7,600 per year

(g)    University (U1 to U4) (U6 for Medicine) - full tuition capped at the highest prevailing amount at any local universities of equivalent course, by the Board's discretion to benchmark with the course fees of the nearest similar course at one of the local universities + annual living allowance of $6,300 per year

Education Grants will be disbursed subject to funds availability under the Scheme.  In the unlikely event that the Education Grant's funds are insufficient due to unforeseen inflationary circumstances, The Courage Fund and its representatives shall not be liable. representatives shaThere are 9 children of deceased SARS victims who are beneficiaries of the Education Grant scheme.

For queries relating to Education Grants, please contact the Education Grant secretariat at 6557 0488. secretariat at 6557 0488.


In year 2003, The Courage Fund gave out more than 5,500 Courage Awards to healthcare workers to recognize them for their extraordinary courage and selfless dedication in the fight against the deadly SARS virus that threatened the entire nation.

There were two categories of awards, the Courage Star and the Courage Medal. The awardees received a minted medal and a cash award ($2,000 for Courage Star and $500 for Courage Medal). The Courage Awards were given only for year 2003.


After taking care of the immediate needs of SARS victims and the giving out of Courage Awards, the Board of Trustees (before conversion to CLG) had carefully deliberated the use of the remaining funds towards the original aims of the Fund to honour healthcare workers and to protect the nation against future public healthcare emergencies.

After consulting with major donors and the healthcare community, the Board of Trustees (before conversion to CLG) decided to allocate the remaining funds to the following long-term initiatives:

Courage Fund Visiting Professorship/Fellowship for Infectious Disease & Epidemiology

The SARS episode in 2003 has highlighted the importance of building up Singapore's expertise and capability in the areas of epidemiology and infectious diseases management and control.

Funds have been provided to the National University of Singapore (NUS) to set up a Visiting Professorship/Fellowship in Infectious Disease and Epidemiology. The Faculty of Medicine, NUS will work in collaboration with the Communicable Disease Centre (CDC) to focus on learning programmes that have direct application to the healthcare industry.

Under the Visiting Professorship/Fellowship scheme, eminent international experts in Infectious Disease and Epidemiology will be appointed by NUS.  These experts will contribute in various initiatives that serve to build up Singapore's capability in Epidemiology and Infectious Disease management & control.  In addition, they will also conduct learning programmes such as in the form of public lectures, conferences and symposiums, through which they will share and impart their knowledge to Singapore's healthcare professionals. These learning programmes will enable a sizable portion of our healthcare professionals to build up their capabilities in these critical clinical areas. 

Endowment Fund for Healthcare Humanity Awards (Reserve)

The balance of funds have been put into an endowment fund, which will serve an active function. The annual interest income will be used to support the annual Healthcare Humanity Awards.

The Healthcare Humanity Awards will honour and recognise outstanding healthcare workers who are inspirational role models exemplifying the values of courage, extraordinary dedication, selflessness, steadfastness in ethics, compassion and humanity. The Award aims to raise the public profile of healthcare workers and enhance the prestige and respect for the profession. 

In the event of a SARS resurgence or other public health emergencies, the endowment fund can be drawn down to help victims.

The Courage Fund
is administered by
the National
Healthcare Group