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Mdm Kay Kuok Oon Kwong
National Healthcare Group (NHG)

Mr Abdullah Bin Tarmugi
Former Speaker of Parliament (2002 – 2011)

Ms Woon Lai Har
Board Member, Singapore Health Services

Prof Philip Choo Wee Jin
Group CEO, National Healthcare Group

Mr Deric Liang Shih Tyh
Chief Operating Officer, MOH Holdings
Chief Financial Officer, MOH Holdings

Clinical Prof Low Cheng Hock
Former President, Singapore Medical Association (2001 – 2003)

Ms Kuttiammal Sundarasan
Vice President, Singapore Nurses’ Association

Ms Ng Bee Lan
Chief Financial Officer, Institute of Mental Health


The Courage Fund, formerly a Charitable Trust has been incorporated as a Company Entity Limited by Guarantee (“CLG”). The conversion to a CLG is to provide greater transparency, accountability and sustainability of the Fund. The Courage Fund Limited (“TCFL”) entity continues to hold its Charity Status.

As a CLG, the Fund is an independent legal entity existing in its own right, separate and distinct from its members. Members’ liabilities are limited. CLGs are registered with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (“ACRA”), and governed by the Singapore Companies Act (Cap.50). TCFL will be required to hold Annual General Meetings and file audited accounts with ACRA annually.

The Courage Fund was established in April 2003 when Singapore was hit by the SARS outbreak. Fellow Singaporeans donated generously following the outbreak to help the victims of SARS and show appreciation for the courage and dedication of our healthcare professionals who put their lives on the line to care for the SARS victims. The Fund was supported by the Singapore Government with matching grants. Donations for the Fund totalled $32.088 million, with $15.544 million coming from the public.

A Board of Trustees was set up to ensure that the donations were used in accordance with the intentions of the donors to the Fund. Founding members of the Trust include National Healthcare Group, Singapore Health Services, Singapore Medical Association, Singapore Nurses Association and Singapore Press Holdings.

In the last twelve (12) years, The Courage Fund has been providing education grants to children of the deceased SARS victims, as well as bursary awards for nurses and allied healthcare professionals. In additional, the Fund has also established the annual Healthcare Humanity Awards, which serves to recognize and honour healthcare professionals who have gone beyond their call of duty.

In 2013, an application was put up to transition The Courage Fund from a Charitable Trust to a Company entity Limited by Guarantee (“CLG”). The Courage Fund Ltd (“TCFL”) was incorporated on 25 November 2013. Institutional Members were informed of the incorporation and provided notice of its first (1st) Extraordinary General Meeting which was held on 15 July 2014. Charity Status application for TCFL was approved by the Ministry of Health on 30 Oct 2014.

All funds have been completely transferred to TCFL as of 23 Dec 2014. Balance of funds in TCFL stands at $14,230,497 as of 31 Dec 2014.

The Courage Fund
is administered by
the National
Healthcare Group